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It takes only a small fraction of the medication to treat symptoms of pain and inflammation topically, when compared with systemic medications -- particularly narcotics. Using Chi-Myst topically moves the active ingredients directly to the source of the discomfort, not to the rest of the body. The result is greatly reduced likelihood for complications and side effects.

Relief will depend on a number of variable factors, including the nature and severity of the underlying disorder, location, and other variables.  For many patients, the initial pain relieving effect of Chi-Myst may be experienced in just a few minutes,
with increasing anti-inflammatory benefits realized during continued use.



Patent Pending: A patent application has been filed by NRD Medical protecting the use of Chitosan as a transdermal vehicle for the transfer of medicine, and the specific formulation of Chi-Myst. Any unlicensed use or compounding of Chi-Myst or similar medication is subject to legal action. Compliance is strictly enforced.





Chi-Myst is a multi-symptom local analgesic/transdermal nonsteroidal anti-inflamatory (NSAID) spray, which is available by prescription only. The versatile spray is antimicrobial, and promotes healing in wounds and burns.

Chi-Myst contains a proprietary blend of both Toradol (Ketorolac Tromethamine) and Marcaine (Bupivicaine) in a base of Chitosan, a chitin derivative.

Chi-Myst has shown to be effective in controlling pain and swelling and muscle spasms when applied topically directly above inflamed area

Chi-Myst is compounded exclusively by Prescription Care Pharmacy, under license by NRD Medical.


Dosage may vary by intensity of pain, as well as the nature, size and location of the affected area. Chi-Myst is not volume dependent, and multiple sprays have not been shown to be any more effective than one or two sprays to the affected area.

Typically, one or two sprays of Chi-Myst is applied to the affected area four times a day for chronic conditions with low-intensity pain and inflammation.

For more intense pain, and acute injuries, one or two sprays of Chi-Myst is recommended as frequently as every three hours.

Chi-Myst is safe enough to be administered more frequently at the discretion of the physician when treating the most fierce pain and inflammation.

Chi-Myst is prescribed and delivered in a metered dose spray bottle. Each metered spray is equal to a dose of .14ml. Multiple sprays may be necessary to cover large areas. However, multiple sprays on smaller areas do not necessarily equate to more effective treatment.


Most patients prefer to spray Chi-Myst directly on the affected area. For particularly tender or isolated areas, and open wounds, it is recommended to apply Chi-Myst to clean fingertips, and gently distribute the medication to the affected area. It is not necessary to rub-in Chi-Myst, as it absorbs efficiently and naturally through the skin.


Due to the unique transdermal delivery method of the active ingredients, no side effects have been observed in trial patients. However, physicians should instruct patients to report any unusual local side effects to the prescriber.


Chi-Myst should be stored in a room-temperature environment (between 65F and 79F), and not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Chi-Myst is shelf-stable at room temperature for 12 months. However, it has shown no change in clinical effect or observable consistency resulting from excessive heat or cold.


Patients should discontinue Chi-Myst and consult with their physician:

•      If the condition worsens

•      If the symptoms do not improve after 10 days

•      If the notice the appearance of a rash, or experience any reaction to the medication at

       the point of application


Chi-Myst includes a chitin derivative, which is produced from shrimp shells. While it is unlikely to affect those suffering from shrimp or shellfish allergies, patients with allergies to shrimp or other shellfish should ask their physician before using Chi-Myst.

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